Erika & Jackson Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I couldn't ask for a better couple than Erika & Jackson. Logistically the day was a breeze thanks to the notoriously organized Erika. My favorite part about shooting this wedding was the recreating of photographs. The bride had pictures from her mother's wedding she wanted to emulate and we did just that. Check out this beautiful couple and our modern take on family tradition.

Bulls Game Surprise Engagement

Last night, Jake & Michael made history as the first same sex couple to get engaged at the United Center and the 2nd same sex couple to get engaged at an NBA game. Jake planned the entire evening for his now fiance Michael, a huge Chicago Bulls fan. Normally, proposals are not allowed at these games; however, Jake caught the attention of the Bulls administrators with a compelling telling of he and Michael's love story, so they made an exception.

Friends and family of the couple were at the game, hidden in the stands, as well as a photographer hired to capture the evening.

During the 3rd time out of the 2nd quarter, the moment we were all waiting for arrived.  Benny the Bull pulled an unsuspecting Michael to center court where Jake popped the question. Check out the photos below to see how the night unfolded!

Portland, Oregon

Portland is my favorite place to travel by far. Every visit is filled with art, love, laughter and lots of coffee. Matthew Tomas (also a photographer) is half the reason I traveled to Portland last weekend. We've been best friends since high school and share a love for visual art. His photographs are true works of art (a few are featured below) you must check out his flickr page!

 Lindsay, my beautiful, talented sister is the other half reason I traveled to Portland. She is getting her masters degree in architecture from the University of Oregon and I couldn't be more proud. Aside from being a brilliant architect, Lindsay is also an incredible water color painter. Check out her masterpieces here.

I am immensely grateful for the time I got to spend with these two. The opportunity to learn and grow creatively with people you love does wonders for your craft and soul. Check out our weekend in Portland!