Travel Stories: Dubuque, IA

Back in June, my husband and I packed our bags to head to Dubuque, IA for the weekend. As with most of our Midwest travel, this journey was family focused. Brian's cousin Zach was marrying his college girlfriend Emma at Loras College, their alma mater. Brian was to perform a reading in the ceremony.

To our surprise, we both really enjoyed Dubuque. The bed & breakfast where we stayed was in a historic part of the city and steps away from downtown. Check out our summer fun and consider taking a weekend trip to Dubuque.

Travel Photography: Macau, China

May 11, 2018 EDIT:

The original contents of this post have been removed so they can be added to a zine I'm creating! The zine will cover our 9 day adventure through China & Thailand. It will include long prose and a multitude of photographs. If you would like a copy of the zine comment with your email address below. Until then, here are a few photos taken on our Asian adventure.  

Travel Photography: Eugene, Oregon

Last month, I went to Eugene, Oregon, to see my one and only sister graduate from University of Oregon with TWO master's degrees. It was a very immersive experience as I followed Lindsay everywhere. We partied non-stop in true Eugene fashion. My parents were there, you'll see several pictures of them in this post. Take a look at a week in Eugene, Oregon!

Portland, Oregon

Portland is my favorite place to travel by far. Every visit is filled with art, love, laughter and lots of coffee. Matthew Tomas (also a photographer) is half the reason I traveled to Portland last weekend. We've been best friends since high school and share a love for visual art. His photographs are true works of art (a few are featured below) you must check out his flickr page!

 Lindsay, my beautiful, talented sister is the other half reason I traveled to Portland. She is getting her masters degree in architecture from the University of Oregon and I couldn't be more proud. Aside from being a brilliant architect, Lindsay is also an incredible water color painter. Check out her masterpieces here.

I am immensely grateful for the time I got to spend with these two. The opportunity to learn and grow creatively with people you love does wonders for your craft and soul. Check out our weekend in Portland!