Travel Photography: Macau, China

Thursday, March 25th my husband and I arrived in Macau, China where we were met by our soon to be good friend Britney and her daughter. They met us at the airport thanks to a prearranged meeting by our mutual friend Shaunessy. Britney and Shaunessey are both expats living in the same complex in Macau. Britney is a trainer and her husband is a professional high diver. Shaunessy has been a friend of my husband's since they were in grade school. I'm the lucky lady who married someone with a friend in China. :) 

From the airport, Britney led us to the Venetian (as in the casino) where we met with Shaunessy at a restaurant called "McSorley's". A place where Mexican food is served on Thursdays, which is hard to come by in Macau making it a favorite amongst our American friends. It was quite the Western beginning to our exotic Asian vacation.

After lunch, we parted ways and went to Shaunessy's apartment for some r&r. Later that evening, our group met up again to take a evening hike. We were promised a temple and night views of the city, which sounded good until we started walking. Let me tell you, a hike up a steep hill after 20+ hours of travel by plane, is DIFFICULT. We made it to the top of the hill, however, and I have to admit it was pretty rewarding. The views were great and I got to see a pack of stray dogs! Its funny how something so mundane can be so interesting when you don't experience it regularly in your own life. 

Friday, March 26th my husband and I awake very early to catch a ferry to Hong Kong for a photography session we had that morning. You can read more about this in a separate post, which I will have a link to... soon. 

Cut to Friday afternoon. We are on the outskirts of Hong Kong in an area called Sandy Bay. It is much less condensed than downtown. There you're reminded Hong Kong has a tropical climate thanks to the abundance of greenery and the sound of the water close by.  My husband and I are on a bus in Hong Kong. We just wrapped an incredible photography session and were feeling elated, hungry, delirious and unsure of exactly where we were headed. Our friend Dena, from the photography shoot paid our fare and put us on the bus. She gave us suggestions of places to go, but due to the emotions stated above, we were very confused and did not follow everything she said. All we knew was if we got to Kennedy Town we could make it back to the ferry. So we hop off the bus and find ourselves surrounded by multitudes of skyscrapers. It felt like being back in the Grand Canyon. 

Hello, Asia!

Tomorrow, my husband and I leave for a 9 day adventure in Asia- specifically, Macau, Hong Kong & Bangkok. We are so excited! We are going to see our good friend Shaunessy who is living in Macau. For those unfamiliar, Macau is a part of China and just a short boat ride away from Hong Kong. We figure there's no better time to explore a new country than when you have a close friend living there!

We plan to stay in China a few days before heading over to Bangkok, Thailand. Once there, we're meeting up with a cousin of mine I haven't seen since I was 3! After a few days in Thailand, our friend Shaunessy is going to meet up with us in Bangkok. He has friends in the city that wants to show us around. It is going to be quite the adventure! Can't wait to share some incredible photos with you, but this will have to do for now!


Pulaski Day!

Back in December my friend Brian contacted me to schedule a shoot for holiday cards. He and his wife don't send out cards for Christmas, instead they send out Pulaski Day cards! Cute, right? Brian had a clear vision of what he wanted. An American Gothic inspired image of a couple making pierogies for Pulaski Day. We did the shoot in their kitchen in Brookfield. Take a look at the final image!


Portraits in the studio!

This week, the Laura Suprenant Photography team (which comprises of me and sometimes my husband) have been shooting portraits in their HOME studio! Yes, that's right, a photography studio, in my home.  And yes, it is as exciting as it sounds. Finally, we have a large space with tools and lights and white walls and enough natural light to make you swoon. The studio is a work in progress, evolving more and more as we continue to do photoshoots. Keep checking in to see our progress! 

Hayley & Michael Engagement

When my cousin asked if I could take he and his fiancee's engagement photos, I was beyond excited. It is such a joy to do what I love with friends and family. We decided to do the shoot at our Grandparent's farm. Michael knew the perfect spot, between the corn fields, next to the creek. We got there right as the sun was setting, creating a magical backdrop for our session. Check out this sun soaked photo shoot with Michael, Hayley and their dog Gracie.

Corporate Headshots

In today's professional world, everyone needs a head shot. Whether it be for your LinkedIn profile or company website, a professional headshot conveys a commitment to quality. It shows potential clients and employers you value your work and take it seriously. We offer corporate headshot services for individuals and teams. Portraits start at $75. Contact me today for more info.

While you're here, check out this series we did for 2 Point Perspective below! 

Engagement Specials

Congrats to all the newly engaged couples! The holidays are a wonderful time to get engaged. Prior to my engagement last Christmas, I thought the idea of a holiday engagement seemed cliche. However, after it happened, I had a huge change of heart.  I was so grateful this once in a lifetime moment occurred when family was in town. We were able to celebrate together and I could feel their love and see the excitement in their eyes. 

In honor of holiday engagements, we are offering $100 off all engagement packages booked now through February 28. Which means, engagement sessions now start at $250! *jaw drop* To book your session and find out more about engagement packages, contact me. I can't wait to celebrate this special time with you!

Take a look at some of our past engagement sessions below.

Farm & Preset Fun

These are outtakes from a pre-shoot photoshoot featuring me, my husband, my sister, Joanne the cat and my Grandparents farm. Taken in mid-December and edited with Phil Chester presets, these photos have a real aged, moody feel. Check them out.

Travel Photography: Eugene, Oregon

Last month, I went to Eugene, Oregon, to see my one and only sister graduate from University of Oregon with TWO master's degrees. It was a very immersive experience as I followed Lindsay everywhere. We partied non-stop in true Eugene fashion. My parents were there, you'll see several pictures of them in this post. Take a look at a week in Eugene, Oregon!

First Ever Mini Sessions

I recently held my first ever mini session, which I'm happy to report was a success! There was a hiccup, however. Due to the excessive rain in Chicago, our shoot had to be rescheduled, TWICE. I offered an indoor lifestyle shoot in lieu of the outdoor photo, but the family had their heart set on an outdoor shoot. When the day of the photoshoot finally arrived, it was a breeze. The family was super laid back, and baby Oscar was an excellent participant! Take a look at our long anticipated, first ever mini session! 

Road to Hana

The Road to Hana is a trek in Maui known for its gorgeous scenery. There is no other landscape like it on the mainland. I was fortunate enough to take this journey a year ago and would be remiss if these photographs were not shared. You must see this in your lifetime.

Until you make the trek for yourself, you can take the journey with me. Enjoy!

"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey."

My engagement!!!

I took 4 photos the day I got engaged. The photos on their own may seem insignificant- a picture of Brian, a photo of a bridge, another of a creek.  But when I go through these photos I see the story of my engagement. A day so special, I couldn’t help but share.

It was Christmas day, 2016. We were making our way to Brian’s parent’s house in Elgin, talking about what a photogenic town Elgin was and how we wanted to take more pictures there.  When we got off the highway, into said town, I noticed we were not on our typical route. 

"Weren't we supposed to turn there?" I asked.

"I want to show you something," he casually replied.

A few minutes later, we arrived at the Tyler Creek forest preserve. Brian said this was a place he used to come visit when he was living in Elgin- that there was a bridge in the woods he wanted me to see. I assumed the purpose of this detour was to take pictures, so I grabbed my camera and hopped out of the car. Brian took my hand and we walked toward the bridge. 

As I was walking and looking at the snow covered ground I got the feeling I was going to come back to this place someday. That I would have the opportunity to see these woods again in their full green glory. 

When we reached our destination, I saw the bridge with a creek flowing underneath. I knew exactly the photograph I wanted to create. I was dreaming of one of those shots where the landscape is completely still, but the water looks blurry from its movement.  

Apparently, I was really into creating this photograph, because I completely lost track of where Brian was or what he was doing. Then I heard him say, “hey baby,” only to turn around and see him on one knee, in the snow. He was holding his grandmother’s engagement ring and said the words every person dreams of hearing, “will you marry me?” 

It was a complete surprise. I wish I could say I immediately screamed yes and we embraced for all the world to see, but I’m pretty sure the way it happened was a little different. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. We had talked about getting married, but I had no idea he was going to ask me on that day, let alone that winter. Eventually, I got around to muttering the word, yes- and there we were. In one of the most life changing moments of our lives.