Wedding Photography: Carolyn + Jim

Last month, my husband’s Grandmother (Carolyn) married her boyfriend Jim. They met a few years back at The Greens, a senior living community where they both reside. Earlier this year, Jim and Carolyn decided to make their relationship a permanent one. They set a wedding date of September 16, 2018. The couple enlisted the help of their neighbors to put together The Greens first-ever wedding celebration. The ceremony was held in the parlor of their senior living community and the bridal party were the couple’s children and grandchildren. All 150 guests were invited to stay for cake and punch after the ceremony. Needless to say, this was quite a special day. Take a look!

Elopement: Brittany & Tony

Elopements hold a special place in my heart, as my husband and I eloped a little over a year ago. When Brittany asked if I could document her and Tony's elopement at Chicago's City Hall, I was thrilled! We ended up adventuring and taking pictures all around downtown. It was fun to hear the many "congratulations" from passerbys. Brittany and Tony even got to hop in a firetruck and honk the horn! Check out this city filled elopement!



Immanuel & Abel Chicago Wedding

Mannie and Abel's wedding day had such a warm, special feel. Family and long time friends made up the guest list. The reception was held at Abel's family's restaurant in Pilsen. Food was made and served by friends of the grooms. Love was felt in every aspect of their wedding and I was honored to be a part of it. Take a look at this gorgeous couple on their special day!

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Erika & Jackson Wedding

As a wedding photographer, I couldn't ask for a better couple than Erika & Jackson. Logistically the day was a breeze thanks to the notoriously organized Erika. My favorite part about shooting this wedding was the recreating of photographs. The bride had pictures from her mother's wedding she wanted to emulate and we did just that. Check out this beautiful couple and our modern take on family tradition.

Bachelorette Party

One of the many things I love about photography is the places it takes you. Two weeks ago, I found myself shooting a bachelorette party on a rooftop in Chicago. The bride to be is my dear friend Molly. Check out this unique bachelorette party!