Hello, Asia!

Tomorrow, my husband and I leave for a 9 day adventure in Asia- specifically, Macau, Hong Kong & Bangkok. We are so excited! We are going to see our good friend Shaunessy who is living in Macau. For those unfamiliar, Macau is a part of China and just a short boat ride away from Hong Kong. We figure there's no better time to explore a new country than when you have a close friend living there!

We plan to stay in China a few days before heading over to Bangkok, Thailand. Once there, we're meeting up with a cousin of mine I haven't seen since I was 3! After a few days in Thailand, our friend Shaunessy is going to meet up with us in Bangkok. He has friends in the city that wants to show us around. It is going to be quite the adventure! Can't wait to share some incredible photos with you, but this will have to do for now!