About Laura and her Larsen Syndrome

Larsen Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that occurs in 1 of 100,000 births. Affecting the connective tissue, the symptoms and severity of Larsen Syndrome vary greatly. I have been blessed in that my condition is mild. Many persons affected with Larsen Syndrome aren't able to walk. I am able to walk, care for myself and lead a normal life. That is not to say I do not experience obstacles. Chronic pain due to the laxity in my joints is something I deal with on a daily basis. 

Living with Larsen Syndrome is isolating. Not having family members or friends with the condition, has left me at times feeling unimportant, forgettable and unconfident. The Portraits of Persons with Disabilities project is my treatment for these symptoms. I want to connect with other disabled persons so we can lift eachother up through positive imagery. Utilizing my background in photography, I want to highlight the part of PWD that makes us so different, our bodies. Through these images I aim to promote self love for the PWD and make them more visible to the public. Leading to greater acceptance for PWD in society and in turn a greater quality of life.